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OutsidersIn Society

Back in 2006, while working for a local restaurant, I met Jason Timm, a 24 year old Albino man, with a penchant for pushing his boundaries and accomplishing things most people thought he never could.  He left for Bangkok a few years later, to volunteer his time, anywhere they needed him, starting with orphanages.  

In the passed two years, Jason started working on a project : OutsidersIn Society, a foundation which aims to aid the vision impaired / blind citizens of Thailand, and eventually across Asia, free of charge. The foundation will depend solely on donations from private investors or businesses, rather than their patients. 

Essentially the first year will be :

  • Four (4) One month (1) sessions (2 for children 2 for adults)
  • Adult sessions may be extended to 1 1/2 month intervals as they will require more training than the children.

In these sessions the skills to be taught:

  1. Orientation: training students helpful cane skills and how to maneuver over a multitude of terrains, and around common obstacles.
  2. Braille : Both Thai and English. 
  3. English Training

And all students will be provided a free eye exam, the cost of which is covered by OutsidersIn Society. 

In order to provide these students with the care they need, the foundation needs your help. Remember Every penny counts, no mater how big, or small the donation. What seems like a small monetary amount to us, is a kings ransom to them.  The funds provided are used for the cost of supplies, doctors, shelter and food. Tis the season, if you find yourself with spare change,  we would appreciate the thought. 

For those of you more curious about the foundation, and to donate visit the OutsidersIn Society webpage.


Serenity NOW!

Good Morning Ducklings.  I can’t believe how quickly the last two hours have gone! It started at 7 Am, this morning.  Sugar, a beautiful, toothless, little Imperial Shitzu began her usual morning mess of yapping until someone lets her out of her kennel. At the age of six you would think she would know better, even the 5 month old puppy knows better.  Now, 7 AM is not an early hour, even after going to bed at 2 AM, it’s the principle.  

So, I begrudgingly climbed out of the bed, careful not to wake my poor fella who had to work until 4 AM, to quiet the diva and take them out for their morning piddle.  Of course, nothing goes that simply.  A twenty minute battle between pups to get their harnesses ensues, and finally we are out the door. 

It’s gorgeous outside, the sun is shining, there is a nice autumn storm in the distance, the air is crisp, but not frigid, and we start out on our morning walk.  Only after 10 minutes did i realize that both dogs are at that glorious age of “Sniff everything that moves, once moved, looks like it might move, could possibly have motive to move, and OH  HEY, CHILDREN!” (quite amusing I have to admit.) 

Finally bored we head in for the morning, I have groceries to buy and breakfast to make.  Not even five feet in the door and Ichabod (the 5 month old puppy) cops a squat in the hallway and leaves me a present.  Ohhhh the words I could have said.

But then it hit me. Something I had quoted to a friend who was getting all bent out of shape over silly things. 

“It is easy to complain that a rose bush has thorns, but you should be thankful that that Thorn bush has roses.”

In other words, sure you could complain all about it, for ages and ages, but there’s no point. In the end, there will still be that little pile of puppy poop waiting to be picked up in the hallway, what’s the point in whining about it? Instead, I went about my morning, enjoyed some glorious weather, I have some cinnamon rolls in the oven and a home made iced coffee in my hand.  Forget the complaints, I am going to open up the windows and enjoy this beautiful Autumn morning! 

For those of you curious about what mornings here look like. Here is a fabulous cam of it! This cam is posted in one of my most favorite spots to sun and get a drink! Pineapple Willy’s.



2012 in a size 12 Shopping List

“As promised, this lovely shopping list will help make your trip to the store that much easier!”

Eggs (or Egg white substitute)

2 Large Onions


Part-skim Mozzarella Cheese

Low Calorie Whole-wheat bread


Dry Black beans 

Oat Bran Bagels

Fat-Free Cream Cheese




0% Fat Greek Yogurt

1 lbs Deli sliced Turkey

Granny Smith Apples

Dijon mustard

Whole-wheat Hamburger buns

Chicken breasts

Romaine Lettuce

Fat-Free Vinaigrette



! 2012 in a size 12 !

“Well Ducklings, it is almost the new year, and this little piggy has decided it’s time for a change.  Sure being buxom has worked out well for me in the past, but I’m just tired of being over weight.  Not to mention the health risks associated with some of the foods I allow to pass for “diet” food!  So it’s time for a little revamp! “

Eggs and Toast (Breakfast)

345 Calories

Scramble three (3) egg whites with one (1) tablespoon chopped onion and one (1) tablespoon Cilantro. Stir in one (1) ounce of part-skim Mozzerella Cheese. Serve over two (2) slices of whole wheat toast, topped with four (4) tablespoons of salsa and (1/4) cup black beans.

A Brand New Bagel (Breakfast)

312 Calories

Toast one (1) oat bran bagel and top with two (2) tablespoons fat-free Cream cheese.  Top with one (1) thick slice of tomato, each, a few red onion rings, and a pinch of salt and pepper.

Breakfast Parfait (Breakfast)

260 Calories

Mix together one (1) cup of 0% Fat Greek Yogurt, (1/2) cup blueberries, (1/2) cup of sliced strawberries and two (2) tablespoons of toasted sliced almonds.

Tempting Turkey Sandwich (Lunch)

280 Calories

Stack two (2) ounces Sliced deli turkey, one half (1/2) of a Granny smith apple, sliced, one half (1/2) cup spinach and one (1) tablespoon of Dijon mustard on two (2) slices of Whole-wheat bread.  Have a little orange for dessert!

Grilled Chicken Sandwich (Lunch)

260 Calories

Stack three (3) ounces of grilled chicken strips, one (1) large Romaine lettuce leaf, one (1) tomato slice, one (1) teaspoon of Dijon mustard and one (1) teaspoon of light mayo on a Whole wheat Hamburger Bun.  Have a side salad of two (2) cups of spinach topped with one (1) teaspoon fat-free vinaigrette.

“The shopping list for these breakfasts/lunches can be found in this blog too!  I usually start the morning with a brisk walk/jog and some yoga.   If you’re like me, and you find it hard to run after a good Breakfast, try eating only half of your breakfast before your walk/jog, and the other half when you get back. It has worked wonders for me.”