It is official! Yes, Ducklings, I have officially gone back to school to obtain my degree in Radiology.  While I still have quite a way to go, it is not going to be a walk in the park, even in the beginning. You see, the Radiography program, as all Health Science programs at university, is highly competitive. Only 20 students are chosen each year to be part of the program and, therefore, I need to be absolutely positive I am scoring in the top Percentile. Nay, BETTER than the top percentile.

As you can imagine, that puts great strain on one!  But there is hope!  I have dedicated my spare time to finding ways to keep organized, calm, and focused. I figured, while I am at it: Why not share it with everyone else?!   So, Enjoy Ducklings. I hope my entries provide some life Zen for others out there as well!