In keeping in the spirit of the traditional New Year’s Resolution, I recently sat down and decided to do some brainstorming on what my future goals are, and how to accomplish them.  Thankfully, in this day and age, we have access to all sorts of tools to keep us on track. Seeing as I spend a good portion of my life around my computer, I decided to turn it into a lean, mean Resolution accomplishing machine. And with Google Chrome apps, like Skinnyo and Pocketsmith,  I am well on my way to getting things in order!

Skinnyo is a UK based site, started by a couple who were tired of trying to lose the weight on their own.  This site engages its viewers in weight loss “challenges”. The challenges  can either be set by yourself, or you are free to join others’ challenges.  The interface is easy and setting up your profile is quick. They even make it possible to post your challenges and accomplishments to twitter, Facebook and blogspot. They also have links to their own blogs, but sadly it seems the links are broken (a small oversight I am sure they will be quick to fix).

Pocketsmith helps keep your finances and monetary goals in check.  It is a bit long to set up if you don’t already have online bank statements.  The interface allows you to upload your online statements to the site and then the program sorts out your spending based on vendors; you can go in later and categorize the vendors based on what you purchase there (groceries, recreation, fuel etc). Pocketsmith allows for you to set specific goals, record the date you’d like to have said goals accomplished and then gives you a value to save out of each paycheck.  You can add bills and other payments you make on a regular basis, and your paycheck amount each month, and based on previous monetary activities, Pocketsmith creates a cash flow chart to keep you on the right track to monetary zen! I just started using this program and I already feel at ease each day when I open it up.

And the added bonus: These programs can be set in little widgets on your Google Chrome speed dialer!  It is streamlined, easy to use, and their designers were great at keeping both programs simple and pretty to look at while maintaining functionality!