Hello, boys and girls!  Today, while relaxing, I came across a rather enlightening article on Tiny Buddah – an absolutely amazing site for those looking for articles on life improvement, life fulfilment or all around a great read on subjects we all face everyday. These articles take a more zen approach while not being too preachy. 

Being that it is officially 2012, I know we’re all making “resolutions”. But as this particular blogger (Laura Fenamore) would write: “The literal definition of the word resolution is a firm decision to do or not to do something”. Now, if you’re like me, not everything is so black and white. In fact, most of my decisions come in techni-color.  Instead, she suggests making “Solutions” not “resolutions” 

By creating a solution, you are, rather than making a firm yes or no, setting up habits that not only accomplish your goal, but allow you to maintain the results long term.  She shares a situation I am sure we are all familiar with, weight loss, and makes a very valid point!

So, boys and girls, how about this year we make New Year Solutions!  And also give this woman a read, it is well worth the two minutes it will take you.