“This is the ultimate time / money saver. Two ingredients and you can be reclining in your favorite chair or on your favorite couch, relaxing and beautifying your skin. Biore makes these lovely little strips that clear out your pores, but you’re looking to spend about $8 for 14 strips. Hardly a money wise decision. This little trick does the same exact thing, but with two ingredients, and a lot less impact on your wallet.”


2 Ingredient Gelatin Face Mask

1 Tbsp. Unflavored Gelatin
1 1/2 – 2 Tbsp. Milk (any kind of Milk will do)

Combine the Gelatin and the milk until it makes a chunky paste (you can add more milk if you are not sure of the consistency).  Microwave the mixture 10-15 seconds (it will become creamier with the heat, but you don’t want it to be too hot as you’ll have to apply it ASAP).  Promptly remove the mixture from the microwave and apply it immediately, this stuff sets up FAST.  Leave the mask on for 15+ minutes. You will know it’s time to take it off when it feels like you’re going to crack something when you smile. When you are ready to remove it, find an edge that will come up and start peeling!  

“It is really that simple.  Apply this 1-2 times a week for baby-butt soft skin and lovely clean pores! “