Originally I started this page as a way to promote my artwork. But in light of my recent career change, it would seem that my new focus has become all about ways to slow down, relax, and enjoy the Zen that is your life away from work. 

In these posts you will find everything from yummy low-fat (and sometimes not so low-fat) recipes, to shopping lists for said recipes, ways to slow down, and nifty at home projects that not only relax but inspire.

I have gone back to school to earn my degree in Radiography, and start my journey to full blown radiologist. It won’t be an easy road, and so the little pleasures, and peaceful moments in life will become that much more important. I figured, while I am learning and experiencing these things, why not take a moment to share? Surely, others out there are feeling what I am feeling. I hope that what I write here will make you laugh and provide you peace!