Back in 2006, while working for a local restaurant, I met Jason Timm, a 24 year old Albino man, with a penchant for pushing his boundaries and accomplishing things most people thought he never could.  He left for Bangkok a few years later, to volunteer his time, anywhere they needed him, starting with orphanages.  

In the passed two years, Jason started working on a project : OutsidersIn Society, a foundation which aims to aid the vision impaired / blind citizens of Thailand, and eventually across Asia, free of charge. The foundation will depend solely on donations from private investors or businesses, rather than their patients. 

Essentially the first year will be :

  • Four (4) One month (1) sessions (2 for children 2 for adults)
  • Adult sessions may be extended to 1 1/2 month intervals as they will require more training than the children.

In these sessions the skills to be taught:

  1. Orientation: training students helpful cane skills and how to maneuver over a multitude of terrains, and around common obstacles.
  2. Braille : Both Thai and English. 
  3. English Training

And all students will be provided a free eye exam, the cost of which is covered by OutsidersIn Society. 

In order to provide these students with the care they need, the foundation needs your help. Remember Every penny counts, no mater how big, or small the donation. What seems like a small monetary amount to us, is a kings ransom to them.  The funds provided are used for the cost of supplies, doctors, shelter and food. Tis the season, if you find yourself with spare change,  we would appreciate the thought. 

For those of you more curious about the foundation, and to donate visit the OutsidersIn Society webpage.