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Fantastic news boys and girls: this wahine  is about to be a Mommy! . . . in late March.  It seems a little late in the game to be informing the world just now, however, I was not informed of the little miracle until week twenty (20)!  With all of the changes, and adjustments to this new development, and trying to prepare for a soon to be new life,  I have not had a whole lot of time to update .  Not everything they say about pregnancy has been true for me, thus far. Morning sickness was fairly benign, cravings are minimal, and often times healthy, and putting on weight, well I managed to go in the opposite direction BEFORE growing a bump. However, my skin has suffered in the moisture department.  Finally, at month 7, my poor belly is developing stretch marks; and I think it’s about time to nurture Mommy a bit before baby girl gets here!

Enter. . . my the recent BUZZ with Honey!

Honey is an absolute skin miracle.  Naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial it’s excellent for removing any lingering nastiness from your hard day at work. Heavily moisturizing, and yet slightly drying so it is excellent for drying up any developing breakouts while kissing your skin with enough moisture to make you GLOW.  That is right, darlings, you too can get the glow of pregnancy without the bumps! And for those us of who have some lingering scars from acne, honey helps naturally repair skin and lessen the look of said marks and pocks!

Before I start posting the recipes for your honey soaked adventure; a moment to educate you in the differences in the ingredients you use.

Completely Raw Honey
Completely raw honey is unheated, unfiltered, and un-strained and will often times still contain bits of honey comb, propolis, wax and pollen. It crystallizes easily, but do not fret, crystallizing does not mean that your honey has gone bad.  This is the most beneficial form of honey as it still has all of its enzymes and good bacteria in tact. While some whole foods stores will carry honey similar to this, I encourage you to shop your local farmers market.  Not only are you giving back to your local farmers, but you know where the honey is coming from and that it is every bit as raw as they say it is! And your wallet will thank you too.

Raw Unfiltered Honey
Raw unfiltered honey is strained to get the larger pieces of honeycomb, propolis (the sticky substance used to seal beehives which is also a very effective anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial substance), wax and pollen out of it. It may have also been heated to just below the the “acceptable” raw standard to aid in the straining process.  Thankfully this process is not totally damaging to the enzymes and so this is a great second choice if completely raw honey is not available to you.

Creamed or Spun Honey
While delicious, creamed or spun honey has most likely been pasteurized, crystallized and ‘spun’ to give it that creamy spreadable texture. Most of the beneficial properties of honey have been removed in the heating process and while you can still reap the glowing affects of honey kissed skin, you’re not doing yourself any favors by shooting for this breakfast table staple.

Keep in mind that honey does NOT go bad. If it crystallizes  never fear, placing the sealed jar or container in a bowl of warm water for a bit will smooth it out and give you back that smooth honey you so crave. Also, don’t let the flowery labels confuse you. The flower distinction does not affect the enzyme/vitamin content of your honey. It does however give each one their own unique flavor. I still highly recommend trying the whole range of flowery honeys, not just for your skin, but your tummy as well. It’s the most delicious experiment around!




~^~Water Side Farmers’ Market~^~

The Shrimp Boat

Located at the back of this building was Salty Hawg, the grille where we enjoyed ice cold fresh oysters and delicious cat fish, dockside.

Now that the air is warming up, the sun is shining longer and the sweet smell of magnolias is in the air, Summer is in full swing here in the south.  Not only is this an excellent time to bring out the bold colors, and skin baring clothing, but also a time when out door events become their most popular. One of these being Panama City’s Water side Farmers’ market.  Each Saturday morning (8am-12pm) local farmers and artists set up their stalls and put on their biggest smiles. Local fishermen dock in the salty marina and begin preparing their haul to sell to those searching for the freshest fish in all of Bay County.  It is a great way to get the family out and connecting on Saturday afternoons as they have everything from your usual produce, crafts and home wares, to fun things for the kids: zucchini box car racing and crafts.

I have taken to going out early each Saturday with my Sister and her Hubby, and I am looking forward to my own fella joining me in the very near future. Today was not an exception. We slept in a tad later than usual, but made it just in time for a delicious dockside lunch of fresh, ice cold oysters and breaded catfish at a local bar/grille The Salty Hawg.  The puppy was in attendance also, munching rather noisily on a smuggled in Chicken nugget.  After we had finished stuffing our bellies with some of the most deliciously fresh sea food we could find, we ventured away from the farmers’ market to a road a little less traveled and boy were we rewarded for it.

Nestled along the banks of the bayou tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the main street we found Little Village, a small cluster of buildings housing local artists crafts, and a yoga studio that also sells New Leaf Smoothies, complete with an amazing little sitting area with a view of the bayou. The puppy was rather intrigued by the scrap metal artwork, welded into the shapes of a Frog Mariachi band, or flying pigs.  That is, until he ran face first into the steely plume of a scrap metal rooster.

Three little shacks stood in bright colors on one side of the walk way, their little decks bedazzled with Sea shell chimes, and inside, their walls were decorated with hand sculpted wall art.  On the other side of the walk way a covered entrance shaded a nice Tea table with several wicker high backed chairs and the doorway into the yoga studio. The other side of the structure housed the small kitchen where Kaysea Lindsey produces New Leaf Smoothies. And just beyond the tea table a sturdy beautifully crafted deck stretched out over the water, the seating area for New Leaf smoothies.  The trees overhanging the deck were draped with glass baubles and fishing nets, hand made chimes and any other gloriously creative hand made wares that would hang from their branches.

We basked in the cool shade of Little Village, until the pup spotted another rascal approaching from across the walk way. We had to scurry away as to not frighten off the new pup toting patrons. Across the street stood an old structure that was, once upon a time, the first skating rink in Panama City, Florida. It’s tall doorway standing wide open, a view of it’s all wooden insides open for the whole world. out front antiques and pieces of salvaged iron work lined its drive way, begging to be picked through and taken to a loving home. Design Salvage, a sign up the street had advertised it. The couple that owns it makes a living salvaging antiques and interesting structure pieces from old southern homes. Among the treasures were many many old cabinets, kitchen islands, old chandeliers, and odds and ends of furniture pieces you can only find in old southern homes, and example being the Snake Cradle we found out front.  In the old south, when homes were still built with cross breezes and breeze ways in mind, dwellers were faced with more than a cooling problem. In the summer months when the doors and windows were left open to enjoy the steamy bayou air, often times predators – especially snakes in the bayous- would find their way into the home, and eventually the cradle or the crib.  To remedy this, cradles were soon made with shutter like structures on the top, lined with fine mesh and latched. While they look like some awful Pie safe for infants, they were quite a clever, life saving invention. I almost wanted to take this gem home simply for its rarity.

By the time we finished scouring the old building for treasures, it was late in the afternoon, and the heat was finally starting to set in to our already sun-kissed skin. The pup was more than happy to express how hot and tired he was by dragging us over to the largest shade tree he could find and flopping down, spread eagle in the cool sand.  We decided to call it a day, but we are looking forward to next Saturday.  Today was exactly what I needed after a very very busy couple of weeks, and I will be looking into taking up Yoga classes at Little village. Doing yoga with a group once a week might help change things up and add a challenge to my usual practice!